Hunting for a Groom ( Excerpt from ‘Brides of Delhi’)

Welcome to Delhi, the capital of India, a teeming City of stunning contradictions.
Here, the sublime and the ludicrous cohabit peacefully.
Glossy high-rises and miserable shacks coexist next to one another.
Cars with latest gadgets and modest rickshaws run together, though at vastly different speeds.
A fast and modern train swishes by an ancient donkey’s struggle with an enormous load.
A cleanly dressed Babu, proud of his bearing, spits out Paan without a thought for the homeless asleep on the sidewalk.
In the swanky street, a naked Fakir wanders around promising Nirvana.




Primary Emotions

Do you know the two primary emotions that drive human behavior?

Everyone guesses the first one: Love. The most pervasive and fundamental emotion that you feel through your gut.

What is the other basic emotion?

If you said HATE, you are wrong.

Take another guess!

What do you feel when you cross the road with heavy traffic? Or you feel in your gut when you go for an interview? Or when you get into a wreck?

You guessed it write: FEAR

Next time we will discuss in detail the two basic emotions that can make or break your stay in this perpetually turbulent world.

So long!